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International Tax

International Tax

We provide a whole range of services from a one-off piece of tax advice to a global solution for our multinational clients where we provide them with a ‘one stop shop’ service.

In particular, our services include:

* Overseas tax obligations.

We provide advice concerning your activities in a foreign country and whether these will, or have, created a taxable presence (permanent establishment) and whether you have foreign tax obligations as a result of this. If you have created a taxable presence we can discuss measures to minimise your overseas tax liability and assist you by explaining your overseas obligations and helping you with these.

* New or changing overseas business operations. T.D. JOSEPH & ASSOCIATES provides tax advice on establishing overseas operations or joint ventures, financing, overseas mergers/demergers, investment/divestment, business changes (expansion, sale or acquisition) and advice on the tax implications of entering into, or exiting from a foreign market.

* Cross-border tax advice. T.D. JOSEPH & ASSOCIATES provides comprehensive cross-border tax advice which not only considers the application of the relevant tax legislation, but it also considers proposed changes (both tax and regulatory), the attitudes and practices of local tax authorities and expected global changes that could impact on the advice.

* Foreign tax compliance. T.D. JOSEPH & ASSOCIATES can assist you with meeting all of your foreign tax compliance obligations including assistance with filing tax returns (and completing the supporting computations and schedules), dealing with tax assessments and all tax authority correspondence. It is much more efficient to deal with T.D. JOSEPH & ASSOCIATES, which can meet all your tax compliance requirements on a worldwide basis, rather than having to deal with a separate firm at each location.

T.D. JOSEPH & ASSOCIATES deals with all the overseas tax aspects of a client’s business, which includes suggestions where a better more tax efficient approach could be taken – this in turn, saves time, costs and enables our clients’ to focus on other commercial objectives.

We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you and answer any questions you may have about your overseas business or prospective overseas business or operations. Please do get in touch and contact T.D. JOSEPH & ASSOCIATES at